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Fellows Bytes: What happens after you accept a new position?

The process of accepting a new position can take many shapes and forms. Sometimes it’s incredibly straightforward – you love the firm, they love you (we love you both for loving each other), the contract is signed, a start date is agreed and everyone goes skipping into the sunset. Sometimes it’s not so straightforward. You may have multiple offers on the table and are unsure which to take, your current employer presents a counter offer which you think could be too good to turn down, or the original offer is not quite what you (or we) were expecting.

We’re on hand to help you through any of the above scenarios so that you’re 100% happy with the outcome. Of course, as recruiters we have a vested interest in you choosing whichever firm(s) we’re representing, but we like to think that we remain impartial to an extent. For example, if the only reason you’re looking for a new role is because your current firm doesn’t offer part time working, but they revise their entire flexible working policy as part of your counter offer. Well we can’t really argue with that.

We’re happy to be as involved as you like throughout the offer process and can help out in any number of ways.

Much like our involvement during the interview process, we can be the go-between throughout the negotiation proceedings. Whether it’s simply passing on verbal acceptance and your contact details for the contract to be sent and signed, contacting and providing your references, or acting as a mediator whilst the offer is refined to everyone’s satisfaction.

If it’s your first ever career move or your first in twenty years, we understand that you may need some advice to help finalise your next steps. We can tell you if the offer matches your worth, give you our opinion on a counteroffer, or even help prepare a resignation letter and talk you through how the process normally works. Even after you start your new position and we’re no longer on the scene, we’re always here to answer any questions you might have whilst you’re settling in. Is your new employer meeting all the conditions agreed in the contract? Are you getting the type of work/clients that were promised? Is Partnership actually achievable now that you’ve had a few candid conversations with your new colleagues? We can help with all of that.

And finally, it’s worth noting that it’s not all set in stone once you accept a position. Most firms will have a grace period which, from our experience, tends to come with a great deal of flexibility. In summary, you can still change your mind. And we’ll be here to help if you do. 

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