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Fellows Bytes: What do recruiters get out of attending industry conferences?

With the INTA Annual Meeting in Seattle wrapped up last month we thought it only fitting that our latest Fellows Bytes gave an insight into why this time of year is one of the most important (and busiest) in our annual calendar.

Besides the obvious reason of meeting potential clients and securing new business, there are a number of other goals we have in mind when we attend industry functions. Building brand awareness is crucial in order for us to grow our business and reach a wider audience of passive clients and candidates who aren’t necessarily focusing on recruitment in the short term. We are able to introduce ourselves, and our services, to a substantial number of people in a concentrated period of time, (hopefully) making a lasting impression and being their first port of call when they need an IP recruitment specialist.

We tend to focus on targeting receptions and more informal events when at the larger conferences, enabling us to speak with professionals in a more relaxed environment. We find that some attendees are open to a more varied and productive conversation when we step away from the boardroom and the time pressure of a normal 9-5 working day. Sharing experiences such as armadillo racing in Dallas and a seaplane ride over Seattle helps us cement lasting relationships that may translate into business in the future.

A lot of the conferences we attend are overseas, allowing us to gain and grow a diverse connection base that is international in nature. This is beneficial in current market conditions where UK firms are beginning to realise the value of recruiting from overseas. We have access to a pool of candidates that others may not have, as well as having the opportunity to recruit roles for clients in Australia, Singapore, Europe and the US – something that appeals to our local contact base in the UK.

We’re able to gain a unique perspective on the industry and keep our knowledge up to date through attending seminars held during the conferences and speaking with specialists from other countries. This can help us with a deeper understanding of our client and candidate needs, ultimately providing effective and lasting results for both.

Lastly, we really enjoy attending these events and look forward to the experiences and connections we make whilst we’re there. The Fellows and Associates ethos is centred around working smart, something we find is much more achievable when we’re having a great time travelling the world and escaping the four walls of the office from time to time. 

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